Alex – DD5ZZ, KD5ZZ – SSB & Digital

Team member of LX7I (RTTY contests), part of the 7QAA DXpedition to Malawi in 2015. Holiday style activities and contesting from EA8, FM, P4, 8P, PJ2 etc.



Chris – VO1IDX, K1IDX – SSB & Digital

Team Member of LX7I (RTTY Contests), and VO1NAR Field Operations Team. Vice President of Society of Newfoundland Radio Amateurs, Holiday style activities from 6Y, LX, KH6, W6, W4, W3, W2, W1, etc.



Martin – DM4IM, V31IM – CW & SSB

Frequent contester @ DLØWH mostly in CW as DLØWH, DL6O, DM4M and homecall. Holiday style avtivities from EA6, EA8, SV8, SV9, 9H, 5B4, V3.
Likes building Antennas . Helped setting up V31DL‘s rental contest shack.


 Georg – DJ6GI, NZ1C – CW & Digital

Frequent Contester mostly in CW and RTTY
Team member of LX7I (RTTY contests) and OZ5E (CW Contests).
Holiday style activities and contesting from LA, OZ, SM, HB0, HB9, W4, TK, CT9, LX