Logging Issues & QSL Policy

We have been receiving a lot of emails regarding missing qso’s in either club log, or qso director. We are aware of the issue, and want to inform everyone that there are no lost qsos, the log is slightly disjointed due to network issues at our location which has sometimes interfered with real time logging. We would like to remind everyone that we are not at home, and therefore do not have all the luxuries of home, ie. stable internet, stable electricity, etc. If we lose power or network access we move to 1 of our contingency plans to keep operating as everything is logged with N1MM or in the WSJT-X file, so please rest assured that you will receive credit for working us, however it is important we keep our eye on the ball trying to reach our goal of 20,000 qso’s.

All QSL and log fixes will be done in the weeks following our operation, and at that time we will address each email received. We have many sponsors and donations that will receive priority with respect to QSL’s and LOTW confirmations, followed by OQRS requests, direct qsls, and then finally everyone else including bureau cards which may take some time.

We ask that you do NOT repeatedly email us, as you will just create more work and slow down the process for everyone. We are not saying to not email us, we want you to so we have a record of the issue, but please limit your emails to as few as possible.

The TO5M team thanks you for your cooperation and understanding.

Thank you and 73,
de vo1idx