Last Minute Preparations Begin

Ok so after about 12 weeks of planning, gathering, and building, we’re about 30 hours until the arrival of the team in Newfoundland. I am running around cluing up our last minute tasks and ensuring we have everything we need, and that the Truck and Trailer are ready to transport when the team arrives.

As soon as the guys arrive we have a 4 hour drive to Fortune, Newfoundland where we will load the Boat with our gear, and catch some z’s before departing Fortune at 04:00 local time / 06:30 UTC. The boat ride will be approximately 3 hours to St. Pierre Island, where we will clear customs and move over to Ile au Marins, where we will offload the boat and transport everything by ATV and Trailer to Chex Marie-Ange (Our Residence for the Week), and commence set-up, with hopes to be on the air before end of the day.

We will run CW, SSB, FT8, and also some Satellites. We will not be releasing a frequency matrix or suggested operating frequencies as we have no idea the qrm situation on the island, but for FT8 we will operate Fox and Hound mode ONLY. Those who are not familiar with F&H should read the wsjt-x manual. Satellites worked will depend on operator scheduling and any updates will be made on the news section of the website as well as our facebook page.

We look forward to working you on the island.

the TO5M team