How we get there

We are a team of four ops, one from Newfoundland, Canada and three from Germany.
Georg, DJ6GI starts his journey in Hamburg, flies to Frankfurt to meet Martin, DM4IM and Alex, DD5ZZ there to further fly to Montreal and finally St. Johns, Newfoundland. There, the german part of the Team will be picked up by Chris, VO1IDX taking the whole team and all gear to Fortune (Newfoundland) by truck and trailer, where we will get on the Boat, have a nap and start very early the next morning towards Saint Pierre. Once on the archipelago’s main island, we have to clear customs and immigrations, maybe go for a little sightseeing around the town and possibly some shopping for supplies as there is no walmart in Ile aux Marins. In fact, there is no shop at all, as it is an abandoned island… After that we take a last short ride, about a kilometer, over to Ile aux Marins, schlepp all our gear to our QTH and get ready to rumble…


Preston and Tonia, from Garnish, Newfoundland are kind enough to bring us there with their boat