Q:  What is the grid locator for our QTH?
A:  GN16ws

Q:  What is the IOTA number?
A:  NA-032

Q:  On what frequencies will we be?
A:  We decided not to publish a frequency list for all the bands and modes as we dont know about the QRM situation on the island and dont want the hassle to change the list all the time or just have false information online. Is there any DXer NOT using a cluster? – We will take care of the US (general) and JA bandplans to give anyone a chance to work us. If there are more bandplans to take care of and we didnt think of, feel free to leave us a message.

Q:  Will we be on 60m?
A:  Unfortunately, no. There is no permission for 60m in FP.

Q:  We are just 4 Ops but operating on 5 Bands at a time (at least we will try if condx permit) – What kind of voodoo is that?
A:  Well, FT8 makes it possible. We want to operate as much CW and SSB as possible (with amps) and also do FT8 (mostly “barefoot”). Now it should be possible for one op to operate two FT8 stations. Maybe that adds a little more excitement to FT8 ๐Ÿ˜‰ We point out this is not an automated operation!