As per any DXpedition, the cost of success can run high. All donations are appreciated and very helpful to cover a part of our upfront expenses. Thank you for considering support of our operation.

Donations DO NOT go towards personal expenses, however they go towards non-personal expenses such as fuel for the generators (there is no power on the island), transport of better antennas and other equipment to enhance our chances of working you (i.e. Beverages, radial wire, another amplifier, etc.).

Every donation of 10USD or more before the beginning of the DXpedition will get a free direct QSL card (no need to order it). We will verify the contact in our log and send your confirmation at the end of the DXpedition once the cards are ready. Please leave your shipping address with donations of 10USD or more.
Please leave your callsign if you want to be added to the donors page. 

Or use the button below to enter an amount of your choice.

Thank you for your support!