Day1 Summary

Day 1 Summary

Well it’s been a very long couple of days for then whole team, especially the German guys, who were awake and travelling for nearly 36 hours. First the flights to Canada, then a 4 hour drive, about a 3 hour nap and an early rise to cross Fortune Bay to the Islands in heavy fog and minor swells.

Upon arrival we were greeted by FP5CJ, a local HAM radio operator who helped us with customs, lent us an 18m pole on which to put a 160m vertical and helped us find our way to the island with help waiting for us to transport our equipment via tractor accross the island to Chez Marie-Ange, helped us unload and oriented us around the property.

Work began. First we set up the station placement quickly in the shack, and then got to work on the antennas. The weather was humid and damp, but we managed to get the hexbeam deployed and a multi-band vertical in place. We working on the 160m vertical when our point of contact, Fabrice showed up with food for us, and his official welcome to the island. After a quick bite to eat we decided it would be best, to do some operating with what we have in place, let the guys get some rest and recharge to hit it hard tomorrow. We work 17, 20, 30 and a little 40, about 1000 qsos in 6 or so hours. Band are almost dead from 6m to 20m at our location, so 1 of the 2 stations has shut down for now, 1 station just switched over to SSB from CW, attempting to keep the momentum going until tomorrow we can get the rest of the antennas online and have all 5 stations running.

Thank you to everyone who helped us today, especially Preston and Tonia, Jean Pierre and Fabrice. You help has been very much appreciated.