Big pile ups on the Lowbands

Although both preamps died for unknown reasons (someone might have forgotten to plug in the RX/TX circuit)  , the DHDL (Double Half Delta Loop) does a decent job, especially for noise cancelling. Previous to installing the DHDL we had S9+30db noise due to the Diesel Generator causing interference, but upon building the DHDL on site we were able to use our Inverted L for 160m SSB. It greatly helps to keep the noise down and attenuate the US callers when we want to work a non-US station, and vice versa. The BoG seems to not work at all, but then we have no chance to ground it on the rocky ground with only a thin layer of soil and the rest being solid rock. Spreading out radials for it is out of question, there are tourists on the island. Today, for a local event,  more than 500 people are on the small island, with kids playing and enjoying the nature, and to top that off we have a newly built playground immediately adjacent to our site we were not aware of. We are lucky we found a small area for the radials for the TX-Antennas where people usually don’t walk. And we have reflective marker tape to warn people of the wires and cables, which many just ignore, or they don’t see as they are walking and admiring the beauty of the island. Overall we have overcome most of the obstacles to make the operation a success and get OM’s and YL’s in the log. Thank you for all your patience, we have learned a lot from this experience.